Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Most fascinating beads and gemstone of Diamond, with latest trend

The size of the beads can be independent from the overall embedded portion. These stones come in either silver or gold border that gives more attraction to the entire persons feel and matches all the attires. This is a stunning piece of Jewelry in black diamond gemstone made to form this bead are the most exceptional stone with perfect cut and glow in the face of the beads. Make this gemstone more interesting with the surrounding of the events and exclusive parties which can be rightly used. This is single line of bead which is common; the length of the beads can be increased according to the requirement.

1 Line - 50.80 ct. - Faceted Black Diamond Beads - 3.30 to 4.30 mm

4.50 to 5.50 mm - 1 Line - Black Diamond Faceted Beads Wire Wrap Necklace

Friday, November 13, 2015

Black Diamonds - A phenomenal revolution in the Diamond category

Example of new trend!
In this fashion world the changes happen every day, with the products of Diamonds and gemstones getting updated day by day with newest trend. You can either follow this trend or you can create one by using this. These stone are simple yet brilliantly made and formed with its laser cuts and the perfection in the making of these stones. 

A classy approach, for mankind!
Jewelry creates trend, but each addition of these Black Diamond sets a newest standard. This can be used as a pendant, bead or rings; eventually these shining stones rule the market. Each product of this category brings upon phenomenal changes the market which can bring revolutionary change in the fashion industry.

4.50 to 5.50 mm - 1 Line - Black Diamond Faceted Beads Wire Wrap Necklace - 18 inches
Why choose this product?
You need Jewelry to be comfortable, elegant, and stylish and grandeur. All these will be satisfied with this one beautiful Black Diamonds. This is also called as the manufacturer's product, mainly because of its ease of handling. This can use with the traditional as well as the modern wears. The jewelry items from rings, earrings, bracelets, beads etc can be the best suitable with this bead. Uniqueness is the major part that makes this jewelry stands up.

3.50 to 5.00 mm - 1 Line - Black Diamond Faceted Beads Wire Wrap Necklace - 18 inches
 Experience the delight of this stone!
Black Diamond is not a stone that is used for all the occasions, this is a special and most valuable gemstone which can make you feels enlightened. It is an outcome of many people's hard work. From the initial stage to the delivery to the customer's, this Black Diamond has more special in all the process. This is a wonder stone that has to be experienced by all women to make them more beautiful and elegant. Fashion is to be with, and to be in fashion these black diamond stones is one of the necessity.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Diamond Beads Jewelry

Diamond's jewelry is too expensive and but always comes with different patterns. Peoples likes to give a different look their personality, so the diamond is the best option for it. Diamond comes with various colors like white diamonds, black diamonds, brown, yellow and fancy diamond beads. Diamond beads jewelry can easily get the same look as studded diamond jewelry for comparatively less. Let’s take a look at what this blog has in store for all you diamond lovers.

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Natural Slices Diamonds

Natural and Genuine Slices Diamonds available with various sizes in white, yellow and green color…

5.30 x 4.60 mm to 11.90 x 9.60 mm Green Color Diamond Slices 10 Pieces with 11.17 carats

9.50 x 6.90 mm to 11.60 x 8.50 mm Green Color Diamond Slices 12 Pieces with 8.01 carats

12 x 9.30 mm to 13.20 x 12 mm Green Color Diamond Slices 12 Pieces with 22.46 carats

16.50 x 13.50 mm to 12.80 x 11.10 mm Green Color Diamond Slices 13 Pieces with 25.29 carats

11.60 x 8.70 mm to 12.30 x 9.80 mm Green Color Diamond Slices 14 Pieces with 21.31 carats

12.70 x 9.60 mm to 12.90 x 12.50 mm Green Color Diamond Slices 15 Pieces 18.28 carats

10.50 x 7.20 mm to 13.90 x 9.10 mm Green Color Diamond Slices 16 Pieces with 20.49 carats

11.50 x 9.50 mm to 15.30 x 14.10 mm Green Color Diamond Slices 16 Pieces with 19.77 carats

8.90 x 9.20 mm to 12.10 x 10.20 mm White Color Diamond Slices 22 Pieces with 14.03 carats

7.30 x 8 mm to 11.30 x 19 mm White Color Diamond Slices 24 Pieces with 24.11 carats

8.50 x 7.50 mm to 14 x 10.10 mm White Color Diamond Slices 25 Pieces with 16.74 carats

6.30 x 6.50 mm to 10.80 x 10.10 mm Light Yellow Color Diamond Slices 95 Pieces with 42.75 carats

7.30 x 7.10 mm to 11.40 x 13 mm Light Yellow Color Diamond Slices 18 Pieces with 9.52 carats

6.40 x 5.50 mm to 11.10 x 7.80 mm Light Yellow Color Diamond Slices 100 Pieces with 39.54 carats

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mixology with Yellow Diamond Beads like Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock wore a black evening dress with layered necklaces at a recent event. Mixology is not just about clothes. Time and again we see celebrities mix high-end stuff and more budget friendly items paired in unique and compelling ways. The look attained is cool and chic – both extremely effortlessly.

Sandra Bullock with Layered Necklaces
Don't be afraid to practice mixology with your own wardrobe. Different and sometimes even contrasting necklaces can complement each other in unexpected ways. Different patterns, designs and themes on your necklaces can add interesting textures to an otherwise staid dress or outfit. One such look is by layering a yellow diamond bead necklace with varying lengths of gold chains in different textures.

This look can work great with evening wear or work wonders with a severe workday ensemble of a blouse and slacks or top and skirt combo. Sandra Bullock rocked this look although her beads were not yellow diamond beads but rather some white stuff that is definitely not pearls.